Our Story

At Orchatect, we serve companies with multiple locations. Our product, Maestro®, is a total business SaaS solution that enables all your technology and business applications to communicate and integrate with each other, so you have Command & Control of your business through a single pane of glass and automated alerts.

There is a great need in the market for high-quality IT solutions that simplify business operations & management with quicker “go to market” strategies at cost-effective prices. However, while technology typically helps with improving business productivity and efficiency, the existence of a large number of IT tools & applications used for specific functions has resulted in unexpected complexities due to different data formats, security concerns, and additional costs associated with maintaining, supporting and running them effectively. Additionally, the vast deposits of data that are obtained from these different systems have also led to concerns with data management and extraction of the right information that will impact the ability to make key business decisions.

Large conglomerates have attempted to extend rich features to small and medium businesses in the past, but the channels and approaches used have detracted from providing true customer service and experience. As in most industries, the IT industry also has a large number of consultants, developers, and integrators who continuously introduce new improvements to the industry and as this number grows every year, so does the average business owner’s grief in determining the best solutions for their business, due to the multitude of offerings made available.

In 2018, a group of experienced Telecommunication & Information Technology engineers and consultants coalesced around this issue with a vision to develop a solution, utilizing industry-leading technologies and platforms. Thus was born Orchatect, which was formed to develop a pathway to take the vision from a workable concept to a working solution and beyond. By applying key architectural principles to support future growth and technological solutions, the team has solved the IT challenges and complexities faced by small and medium businesses.

The Orchatect Team

Monty Miller

CIO, president & co-founder

Pravind Moorthy


Moses Asom

Senior Advisor & Co-Founder

Madhav Surapaneni

CRO & Co-Founder

Aaron Rodgers

VP of Creative Media & Digital Marketing

Ignacio Alvarez

LeaD developer

David Sin

Head of Demand Generation & Operations

Luis Herrera

VP of Product Management

JC Gonzalez-Mendez

Advisory Board

Richard Margolin

Advisory Board