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Maestro Intelligence Hub: A centralized “bird's eye view” of your business from every angle

Predictive Analytics

Maestro Intelligence Hub is built on a one of a kind solution with unique features and functionality to continuously uncover and unlock hidden business potential.

Business Insights

The Maestro Intelligence Hub leverages all of the data and information flows in your business to drive tangible value through predictive and prescriptive analytics. The Maestro orchestrates business applications and monitors key business metrics to provide accurate real-time business intelligence through deeper visibility and insights into the health of your business.


The Maestro Intelligence Hub uses real-time data to provide owners with a simple view into the health of the business, while continuously monitoring key business metrics to alert owners of potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Owners can quickly respond and resolve critical issues which improves profitability, enhances productivity, boosts performance, and ensures longer sustained financial impact.

Maestro Intelligence Hub supports multiple markets

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