The Benefits

The Maestro Intelligence Hub orchestrates your technology so you can spend more time serving customers and unlocking more profit.

Why choose the Maestro for your business?


Easy & Customizable

The Maestro Intelligence Hub is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one platform that is easy to use that can be customized to take ‘managing technology’ off your plate


Peace Of Mind

Get the peace of mind knowing your company and customer data is protected by Enterprise-grade encryption and hybrid redundancy.


Growing Pains

The Maestro’s modular architecture allows you to easily increase business applications. As your company grows, simply plug in a new Maestro Intelligence Hub for every new location to maintain visibility of all your operations.

Maestro keeps you in the loop with continuous improvements

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Business System Orchestration

Orchestration of business applications improves flow of information & data


Business Insights

Dashboards provide visibility into the health of the business


Performance Analysis

Analyze and compare business KPIs and metrics


Improvement Areas

Identify those areas in the business that impact business outcomes


Inefficiencies Elimination

Elimination of bottlenecks and inefficiencies which reduces internal costs


Profitability Improvement

Improvement in profitability, productivity, and performance

How The Maestro Impacts Your Business

Metrics that matter

Monitors key business metrics

Business Intelligence

Provides accurate real-time business intelligence


Helps multi-location businesses to identify, respond and resolve critical issues

Pay less for subscription

Reduces subscription costs 30%

Orchatect manages your I.T. needs

Offsets need for own internal IT & analytics department

Automation - saves time, save money

Save time & money with automation (eliminate manual processes)